MindRap Workshops

MindRap Workshops are effective in one or more of the following ways:

  • Developing  team building skills
  • Enhancing  and updating  pedagogical practices
  • Boosting project development skills
  • Encouraging personal growth
  • Discovering hidden talents

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  • 2 Hour Workshop
  • 5 Day Workshop
  • 15 Day Workshop

The focus of MindRap Workshops is to engage participants in a team building experience through culture, fellowship, and the arts. MindRap Workshops are excellent vehicles for building and or solidifying groups and teams from all walks with a variety of aspirations. Project driven workshops offer students & educators, organizations & corporations alike, an opportunity to benefit through methodology that utilizes participatory design to create multimedia lessons, slogans, or messages.



MindRap Workshop
Northwestern University
Evanston Township High School